Why AllianceTexas


“Sustainability is a key component in everything we do. At Hillwood, we believe that true sustainable development has environmental, economic, and social elements that benefit all stakeholders.”

Ross Perot, Jr.

Chairman, Hillwood

Responsible Stewardship


In simplest terms, sustainability is the capacity to endure

Hillwood is committed to bringing long-term value to our customers and partners through real estate development and public-private partnerships. From innovative, smart residential and mixed-use communities to large-scale master-planned developments that represent every real estate asset class, we seek out diverse opportunities to apply our expertise and build strong, sustainable, and forward-thinking environments.

Hillwood has ranked among the largest real estate purchasers of renewable energy in the U.S. and is one of the largest in Texas, earning Green Power Partner recognition from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Alliance Town Center, the 900-acre mixed-use, retail center at AllianceTexas, was recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) with its LEED for Neighborhood Development certification, becoming one of only two projects in Texas, and among only 80 in the U.S. at the time, to receive the top designation.

Rooted in a strong entrepreneurial vision, Hillwood founded Independence Water, a separate water system that utilizes harvested rainwater stored in upland ponds, scaled to large business use applications, benefiting both AllianceTexas customers and adjacent municipalities. The program continues to grow as focus turns to water treatment plant reuse, targeting data center users as a cooling mechanism alternative and corporate campus users with large-scale irrigation needs.

Truly integrating Live Smart principles, Harvest, a modern single-family agrihood at AllianceTexas, hosts a six-acre community farm, which includes a demonstration garden, community garden and greenhouse. The gardens play a significant role in Harvest’s ongoing partnership with the North Texas Food Bank.

At only one-third developed, AllianceTexas is just getting started. Learn more about our sustainable development initiatives.

Our Initiatives

The Results

Bipolar Ionization provided at rooftop HVAC units and capacity to increase outside air levels

Improves building air quality and proper circulation

Energy Star rated appliances throughout all multifamily homes

Lowers energy use and reduces cost of living expenses

EV charging stations and on-site bicycle rentals/storage

Promotes low-carbon transportation solutions

High efficiency, LED lighting and digital control HVAC systems with programmable, remote-operations

Reduces energy consumption and operating costs

High performance insulated glazing units, skylights, and Low-E glass

Improves indoor environmental quality

Integrated outdoor seating and meeting spaces

Creates flexibility and maximizes land use

Interconnected network of parks, trails, and ponds

Prioritizes wellness among office users and residents

Landscape and planters used to shade hard surfaces

Reduces the urban heat island effect

Low VOC flooring

Conserves non-renewable resources and creates a healthier work-life environment

Low-flow, water efficient fixtures

Conserves natural resources

Native, drought-tolerant landscaping

Lowers water use, maintenance, and supports pollinators

Rainwater harvesting scaled to large business applications

Leveraging non-potable resource for irrigation purposes while reducing flooding and erosion

Shade structures and sun screening strategies along building fa├žade

Reduces heat gain inside building

Touch free entrances and easy-to-clean, hands-free restroom features

Supports employee and resident health and wellbeing

Water and energy consumption monitoring

Eliminates unintentional energy consumption by residents

White thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) roofing

Lowers operating costs by reducing energy use for industrial customers

Wifi in office lobbies and exterior common areas, WiredScore Gold rating

Seamless connectivity and productivity


Acres of dedicated
green space


Gallons of
Water Reused


Planted Trees


Acres of Sustainable

Drawing people together

More than a place to live


AllianceTexas instills community and builds connections

AllianceTexas is a master-planned community designed and managed with healthy principles in mind. The project connects business opportunity, recreation, and lifestyle for employees, residents, and visitors. By example, Hillwood recently donated 160 acres to the City of Fort Worth for Alliance Park to provide an amenity center for nearby industrial associates, further expanding upon our preservation of the land.

AllianceTexas residents enjoy the entertainment and lifestyle amenities at Alliance Town Center. Set within the scenic topography of the Trinity River’s tributary system, the 14-acre prairie and stream restoration project, Bluestem Park, and the 17-acre Prairie Vista Park and pond provide abundant open space. Both green spaces connect to more than 50 miles of the Arcadia Regional Trail System that weaves throughout the development.

bluestem park

Bluestem Park: Developed in collaboration with the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, the park honors the land’s history and natural beauty

Bluestem Park case study

AllianceTexas workforce development


Growing and Developing a Workforce Pipeline

Building upon 30+ years of community relationships and partnerships, Hillwood is committed to growing a qualified workforce companies need, and the training resources employees seek.

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Pioneering Ideas for Future Generations


Data Driven Design

The establishment of robust infrastructure, from multimodal transportation systems to utilities, is another reason that AllianceTexas is able to withstand the test of time and serve a wide range of customers. By example, Facebook chose AllianceTexas for its fifth global data center campus in 2015. AllianceTexas had it all – shovel-ready site, access to renewable energy, great partnerships, a qualified workforce, and room to expand. Today, the campus spans 2.5M square feet on 150 acres, making it one of the largest concentrations of computing power in Texas. The Hillwood team continues to bring that forward-thinking approach to projects, such as 5G technology partnerships essential to future-proofing for generations to come.

Smart Energy

AllianceTexas supports the growing desire of corporate residents seeking green energy options and integrating them into their footprint. From corporate campuses generating their own energy with on-site solar farms; data center mega-user growing their data capacity and utilizing wind energy; smart truckports built to house and service electric and autonomous trucks; to Green Lease Clauses for office tenants to further encourage smart energy adaption.

Innovation From The Ground Up

Leveraging its one-of-a-kind infrastructure, Hillwood recently launched the AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone (MIZ), giving visionaries the platform to commercialize their mobility technology with a focus on Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Autonomous Trucking. The MIZ is truly an unparalleled ecosystem with the resources and partnerships essential to comprehensibility scale and commercialize these new technologies.



Driving Strategic Regional Initiatives

Successful public-private partnerships continue to create more efficient roadway systems, improving air quality and connectivity in this booming region.

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AllianceTexas infrastructure

“We are not unique in thinking about development sustainability, but we are unique in the scale with which we think about it.”