AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone


The AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone (MIZ) is a first-of-its-kind, real-world ecosystem that brings cutting-edge technologies to commercialization at a faster rate. Located within the 27,000-acre AllianceTexas development, the MIZ offers a unique set of air and surface logistic assets, including Alliance Airport, BNSF Alliance intermodal facility, access to major U.S. roadways, and a flight test center, making it easier than ever to take technology from idea to real-world innovation, fast.

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Infrastructure Built for Innovation

  • 27,000 acres of mixed-use development
  • 575 corporate residents, 80 globally ranked
  • $120 billion of regional economic impact within AllianceTexas over the past 35 years
  • 2M+ people within 20 miles, in various population densities
  • 162 miles of roadways: I-35W, SH 114, SH 170, FM 156
  • Existing facilities and build-to-suit opportunities
  • BNSF Alliance Intermodal Facility
  • Foreign-Trade Zone #196
  • Experienced, action-oriented support team

Did You Know?

As AllianceTexas continues to grow as the leading inland port, the need to innovate in the movement of freight and goods is essential. The latest component of the MIZ is a public-private ecosystem focused on supply chain resiliency by enhancing the safety, efficiency, and flexibility of the movement of goods across North Texas and the U.S.

Direct End-to-End Benefits:

  • Reduce roadway congestion
  • Strong wireless and broadband connectivity
  • Cleaner communities
  • Safer and more reliable freight transport
  • Resilient grid power
  • Fortifying our nation’s strategic industries

Learn more about how Hillwood is pioneering a Smart Port initiative here at AllianceTexas.