Data Center

Answering the Demand for Data

Excellent infrastructure and low operating costs attract data innovation. A proven location for hyperscale and cloud computing campuses within a resilient area that has been master-planned for data center development. AllianceTexas is home to several Fortune 500 data centers, including Facebook’s $1 billion hyperscale data center campus; encompassing 2.5 million square feet over 150 acres – all powered by 100% renewable Texas wind energy.

With over 400 acres master-planned for data center development, served by the same critical infrastructure that supports Facebook’s hyperscale data center campus, AllianceTexas can deliver 400+ megawatts of new data center capacity at full build out with development timelines unmatched for similar projects of scale.

The Infrastructure Advantage

Resilient modern infrastructure designed and constructed to ensure maximum reliability at a regional level.


  • Multiple 345-kV and 138-kV transmission lines served by two different providers (Oncor Electric Delivery and Brazos Electric)
  • Four substations service AllianceTexas with multiple additional sites for future substations
  • Texas is one of the lowest cost power markets in the country


  • Multiple Tier 1 domestic and long haul carriers serve AllianceTexas
  • Flexibility to add and extend providers across a long distance
  • Localized loops provide enhanced regional redundancy


  • Major municipal water system serves over 1.2 million customers with multiple regional water sources
  • Three looped water transmission mains
  • Enhanced capacity and redundancy
  • Independence Water – separate water system created by Hillwood, supplied by sustainable groundwater and storm water sources for irrigation and non-potable applications